Core House Rules

1. Should someone need to miss a game session for what ever reason, life happens, their character will dissolve into the background. They will be ‘present’ in the sense that they will be privy to all information learned or gathered during their missed session, but will not be awarded experience. Please do your best to show for every gaming session, repeated missed sessions become difficult for everyone at the table to deal with.

2. The DM reserves the right to pull or limit any spell, item, or weapon in the game at any time if the DM believes the specifically offending material is or has become harmful to the story line. The DM will do their best to limit the offending material in some way that matches the ideals of the campaign. However if something becomes the source of too many abuses and/or arguments it will be immediately removed.Commonsense

3. When an argument crops up, the DM will announce that the 3 minute timer is on, and whatever arguing needs to happen needs to be done quickly and efficiently. When the timer runs out, the argument ends, and the DM will make a final decision.

4. Player on Player violence will not be tolerated unless it is a legitimate part of the story. Part of the fun of playing D&D is accomplishing mighty deeds and epic quests. Those are best accomplished by the party working as a team. In that regard, player vs. player combat is counter-productive. You waste your resources fighting one another.

5. All rolls be resolved made with real dice large enough for other players to see the result. All rolls are made on the game table or approved dice rolling arena. Should a die fall off the table, not land completely flush with the table (as in the die lands tilted on the edge of the vinyl map) it will be rerolled. These rules allow players to share in the excitement and disappointments of each others’ rolls, while also preventing fudging of dice rolls. The DM however is permitted to use online dice rollers to speed up and facilitate their work and conceal certain rolls if the characters would be unaware of the result.

6. Players are asked to keep an up to date character sheet on Obsidian Portal so the DM may have access to their information at any time. The DM also reserves the right to audit any player’s sheet at any time to ensure everyone is not only playing fairly, but also to ensure that players are getting all they deserve. It is easy to forget to add something during the leveling process.

Core House Rules

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