There are only four of these wondrous ships left in existence, left over from the time of Those of Old. In days past these ships littered the skies and explored the outer realms of plane of Salus. Now those that remain have limited ranges and their speed isn’t what it once was but is still faster than anything else reaching speeds of up to 100 mph. The ships are now used as an effective means of quick transportation to those that can afford the price for their person or cargo. Most trips are chartered by those with major influence or nobles.

The four prestigious Spelljammer ships are the:
Flying Perch

While only four ships hold the prestige of being called Spelljammers, there is a fifth ship which many consider to be a Spelljammer and works through the same means, but many see as a bad joke of the sky. This ship is called the Lucky Landing and depending on who you ask is a ship or a flying junk heap. Its gnome crew however is given respect for their ability to keep this rundown ship airborne.

Little is known about how these ships operate outside of those who work upon them.


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