Preceptor of the Mercadian church of Cyriss



Rowena is a human female of middle age. She very beautiful, but she is approachable. She is tall, about 6’ and slender. Her eyes are bright and full of intelligence, but deep behind her eyes you can see the years have granted her a few dark secerets.


High Priestess Rowena of the Church of Cyriss
Also known as Preceptor

She has a bright mind and is dedicated to the church of Cyriss in Mercadia. She is very bright with a strong mind towards many crafts and oversees many more. In her changers are several automatons of her own creation. One of her biggest assets in Mercadia is her ability to understand the craft of politics which she has used to ensure that the Cyriss religion is the national religion.

As a Preceptor of the Lady of Gears, she is adapt at all forms of crafting. She has been with the church almost all of her life so she knows the secrets and hidden passages. She completely devoted to keeping the church alive and well working by constantly “doing what must be done.”


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