Salus: Until The End

Things Go From Bad....

Fighting and violence quickly erupted in the Waystation pitting the party against everyone in the building. After the casting of a fog into the room the party quickly dispatched everyone in the area and overcoming all threats presented to them. Upon investigating the area the party discovered that the true keepers of the Waystation had been imprisoned in their own home for at least the last two weeks, during which time they were ill treated and given no access to the anything outside the small room they all were held in. After searching the perimeter of the Waystation the true purpose of the cleric impersonators was uncovered. In an effort to avoid the regulations and laws against slavery and slave trade in the free trade city Horvath, outlaws had taken over the Waystation to act as a base of operations. The individuals that had showed up had driven in a shipment of orc slaves fresh from the Bloodskull tribe. Upon releasing the captors, mostly consisting of the women, children and old of the tribe, the party was informed that the Bloodskull tribe was now in debt to the party for the gracious aid bestowed to them. According the their retelling, the tribes warriors were out when they slave traders overtook the camp. Under normal conditions the Bloodskull tribe, known to be fearsome warriors, would have easily crushed them and left their corpses in the Light to rot, but without their warriors they found themselves rather helpless to defend. The clerics from the Waystation promised to see that the orcs find their way home and additionally gave their help as well should the party ever need it.

After a decent night’s rest the party set out for the Blighted Hills to investigate the lights in the Dark sky. With help from Father #### the party was given some direction in which to head. With minimal searching the party came across a small boarded up mine shaft. Delving into the mine the party found that a rock slide had uncovered a larger section of the cavern. Inside was a craft lodged in the bedrock unlike any of the party had ever seen. The outside shell of the craft seemed to be constructed from a black crystal that shimmered in the darkness. Whatever caused the craft to appear inside the cavern fused it to the surrounding bedrock hiding more than over half the rear of the craft. The only accessible section of the craft was the front control cabin, the engines and storage forever lost in the rock. Inside the party found, at least they are sure they found, the helm of they had been looking for as it was stated in Luna’s journal. With this helm they would be able to fly a spelljammer ship the way it was meant to be flown, the likes of which hadn’t been seen since in many, many years.

Deciding to leave the helm where it is, the party returned to the port city Horvath and returned to speak again with the newly found Princess Aluora. After some discussion with the Princess and encouragement from her “father” that the party was indeed telling the truth of her origin it was decided that the Princess would join them on their return to Mercadia, but would keep her hidden until it was certain of her safety.

Upon arriving aboard the airship the party quickly secreted the princess into city and left her to Amdius’s safe keeping inside his lab deep in the heart of the castle. After everything was secure the party headed in search of King Victor Leoros. Fortunately for the party King was easy enough to find in the royal throne room, unfortunately he was not alone, for with him was Prince Roderick and Amdius (who should have still been in the lab with the princess). To everyone’s surprise in the room, including Amdius’s, the Prince seated in the Jade Throne was causing the Stone of ##### to glow, a feat that was out of his reach when the party had left and was only supposed to be possible by the rightful heir to the kingdom. The King was very excited that his son was able to now cause the stone to glow, and was just as eager to hear the news of his lost daughter. The King could not be swayed to meet in private, claiming that anything they party had to say could be said in front of his son.



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