God   evil riders 2Eons ago during the first era of existence, long before man took his first steps, before dwarves mined their first gem, and before elves crafted their first bow, the gods stepped into existence. From the moment they stepped in from their unknown beginnings, before they even had names for themselves, they began to shape and create all the planes and bless the worlds with life itself. One dark hearted god who had no desire to share his power, essence or existence with any creature or god sought to stop creation and hoard all he could for himself. What started out as small conflicts eventually escalated into an all out mighty war between the gods themselves, shaking all the heavens and lasting for over five thousand years. During the war, allegiances were forged, sides were chosen, some fighting against the dark god, others along side him, yet no one side ever able to gain the upper hand. During what would be the last and greatest battle between the gods, when and all hope of victory was fading and war seemed that it would last forever, two gods came together to make the ultimate sacrifice. Through their love, not only for each other but the love they had very future of existence, threw themselves upon the dark god and joined together their energies wrapping the dark god in an envelope of their own lives, ripping a hole between all the realms and planes, a rift that existed outside all time and space. Within the rip the dark god raged on, threatening to one day tear himself free from his new prison cell. To calm the trapped savage god, six stone pillars were forged and placed within the rip that caused the dark god to sleep, for what would hopefully be all eternity. Peace was finally at hand and so time went on, life began, and the horrors of the first war slowly faded from almost all memory.

Time changes all things and the rift was no exception. The energy of the joined gods eventually and slowly leached out creating small threads through every plane limited neither by time nor distance. As these threads reached out across creation they began to draw in all manner of things, at first merely that of the elemental planes, dirt and rock of the earth along with water of the seas. Eventually life made its way into the rift, pulling from every corner of the cosmos, creatures from other worlds found themselves seeking out a new home within its godly prison. A new world populated by the unwilling, created to stop a war, and held together by the love of two self sacrificing gods, began to take shape. And so the world of Salus began.

Salus: Until The End

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