Time Line

Age Before
-10000 Creation -Debate as to the true age of Salus rages on, and greatly varies depending on the independent views of the person or religion.
-3250 First documented sentient creature arrives on Salus, evidence remaining is a single stone tablet held by the elves.

Awakening Time
1 – Civilization officially begins. Upon the establishment of Mercadia, the Salinian Calendar and time keeping is deciding upon. Periods of time before the established calendar are noted in a negative value.
48 – Silent Alter is established/discovered.
274 – Warlord Ianamros Urthadar begins his campaign to conquer Salus
287 – Ianamros declares himself Lord of Salus
312 – House Urthadar is overthrown as the ruling faction of Salus. Salus splits into three regions.
313 – A the wizard’s Order of Unknown Truths battles a Hellfire Wyrm. The battle permanently scars the face of Salus creating Dragon Mountain. The magic used during the battle continues to slowly eat at the landscape creating what is known as The Reaching Desert.

Era of Discovery
654 – Invention and Industry undergoes a boom. The city of Mercadia becomes a mecca for technology. Magic and Technology are seen as the answer to all of life’s woes and hardships.
702 – Creation of the Jade Throne.
709 – The living are cast out of Silent Alter.
801 – Population of Salus increases rapidly. By 872 the population of Salus has nearly doubled.
956 – Technology blended with magic reaches its pinnacle. Life for the inhabitants of Salus becomes peaceful and leisurely, a kind of utopia forms, most of the inhabitants want for nothing. Magic and invention provide for the needs of almost everyone.

Era of Unrest
1125 – The Black Vein Plague. Quickly ravishes through the population.
1129 – The major cities are abandoned due to the plague. The King of Mercadia locks the city preventing anyone from entering.
1402 – Crop Famine, a crop blight destroys much of the crop, leaving many to starve. The territories fall into further unrest, many smaller rulers emerge making claim to any land they can hold by force.

Time of Rebuilding
1456 – The population begins to rebuild and collect into larger number. Small cities begin to appear, many near the ruins of the former cities.
1482 – Last of the royal heirs to the Mercadian throne, Victor Leoros, opens and begins to reclaim the abandoned city Mercadia.
1590 – After an 8 year campaign to reclaim the city of Mercadia, Victor Leoros opens the gates to all and is crowned King. Over the next year the new King uses old treaties and land rights to rebuild the borders of the Mercadian Empire.
1638 – A global massive earthquake causes damage through cities all over the face Salus.
1665 – Present Year

Time Line

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