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Once the greatest city in all the lands of Salus the massive walls of Mercadia held the largest repository of knowledge and was a mecca of enlightenment. The city was home to hundreds of thousands of people from all races and walks of life. For over a thousand years the city grew until the Black Plague choked the populace, propelling them into fear and eventual chaos.

As the fear grew riots became frequent and many turned to religious hysteria proclaiming the end of days. The upraises lead to looting and destruction, small factions blaming whatever and whomever they could for their misfortunes. Libraries were set ablaze, laboratories smashed, and many soilders were killed when they attempted to stand against the crowds. The once utopian streets became chaotic and blood soaked.

In hopes to save his city, King Ninian gave his final order as ruler, ordering the great city to be evacuated. After the gates of the city closed the lives of those who refused to leave were quickly claimed by the city’s automated defenses. Time passed and the city became quite.

Early in the year 1482 the last remaining royal heir, Victor Leoros, reopens the city and leads a three year campaign to purify and rebuild the city to inhabitable conditions. Shortly after his campaign ends people begin to flood in from all corners of the realm and Leoros is crowned Kind of Mercadia. The diversity of races, however, is not what it once was. The glory days of all the realm’s creatures living in peace and harmony are long gone. The city is mostly populated by humans with gnomes making up the second largest percentage of the population. A number of other races still call the walls of Mercadia home, but their presence is sparse at best and is often met with resentment, fear, and hatred.

The City Itself

The city is broken down into six districts, each with its own ruling aristocrat.

District 1 – Hosts many of the markets, churches, and inns. Also houses the Stadium.
District 2 – Mostly factories and spotted with a few houses. Contains the famous Emerald Dagger Inn and Tavern
District 3 – Militia and noble houses call this section of the city home.
District 4 – Often called “Rich Man’s Lane”, this, the smallest section of the city, houses the more ‘elite’ of Mercadian society. South of this district, just outside the city walls is the slums.
District 5 – The Judicial District. Foreign embassies and the judicial court system of Mercadia is found at the heart of this district.
District 6 – This area is mainly personal homes with only a few businesses. It does, however, contain the Great Library at its center.


It is said that Mercadia also has a 7th District, the largely unexplored underground of Mercadia, a maze of pipes, tunnels, and passages. Only small sections of the city’s underground has ever been explored and usually only explored by those who are heavily armed.


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