Experience Points

Since the campaign Salus: Until the End is a role-play heavy campaign there are a number of other opportunities for players to receive extra experience points.

This Campaign will use Character Advancement – Medium: Example – Level 2 at 2000 XP. The following is a list of ways to gain a few points without to much work.

1. Character Sheet Upload to Obsidian Portal (200 XP): Every player will have the opportunity to earn a one time XP award by uploading their character sheet to Obsidian Portal using the template provided. Please be sure to also include the back story for later reference.

2. Character Sheet Maintenance (50 XP): For every level players may earn an additional xp award by inputting their new level information into their Obsidian Portal character sheet. Players will have 7 days to update their sheets from the last session and will not be rewarded retro active XP. In other words, if you forget to level your online sheet for an entire level, you will not be awarded 200 XP at your next level.

3. Role-play (25 – 500 XP award per session): Each player will have the opportunity to earn extra points based off their role-play interactions with NPCs and other players. For the most part this earned XP will go into a pool and will be divided up among the group. As a pool it will discourage any one player from taking the spotlight for too long and give other players the opportunity to shine a little.

4. Costumes (50 – 200 XP award per session): Players who take it upon themselves to dress a little like their characters will be given a small amount of XP each session. It can be something small, because even something “insignificant” can help set the mood.

5. Wiki Page Maintenance (25 – 300 XP): Players may feel free to take it upon themselves to upgrade or upload new wiki pages as they are needed. Please email the DM to inform him that you have made changes and what said changes are. They will be reviewed and award will be given based off of the effort and work. It would also be helpful for ease of review that any changes made are either placed in underline or in blue font. Wiki pages may also be typed up and sent to the DM for upload with a small XP deduction.

6. Adventure Log (50 – 200 XP per session): Each session one player will have the chance to earn the XP bonus for creating an adventure log of that session. An Adventure Log may be anything from the simplicity of bullet points describing the main events to a detailed retelling of the session. No player may take the Adventure Log XP more than two session in a row. If two or more players wish to attempt for the XP bonus they may submit their Adventure Log to the DM and he will upload the best out of those submitted. All players who submit an Adventure Log will receive a small amount of XP for their efforts.

7. Blue Booking (XP amount will vary): Sometimes to move the story along details need to be addressed on the side. This can be done online in a chat, email exchange, or one on one with notes taken. To be awarded experience points documentation must b provided for assessment.

edited by: Christia 8/1/12

Experience Points

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