Zero Field Shield


The Zero Field Shield is much like the Zero Field Ring but bigger, stronger and can cover an area rather than just an individual person. The shield generates a field that covers a 10 foot radius with a 50% chance to deflect a ranged attack that includes a metal component, arrows, bullets, etc. The field can be turned off or on as a free action. One drawback to the shield is that if the wielder fires a ranged attack and the projectile weapon has a metal component while the field is “on” the weapon suffers the same miss chance. Magnetic field items will not stack with each other, instead work to cancel each other out.

To produce the field strong enough the shield quickly drains its fuel source. A full runecell will power the shield for a total of 15 rounds before it is depleted. Even with the shield off it still functions as a +2 heavy steel shield.

These shields can not be purchased on in the common market place.


These shields were initial produced for the Marcadia Royal Defense Regiment which is used to defend the royal family when they leave the capital. The hope here was that since the guard “surrounds” the royal carriages it might protect the royal family better. The big problem was that it forced the guard to be more spread out since the fields worked against each other sometimes. They are stilled used in the regiment, but only by the squad leaders. The Royal Carriages since then have been rebuilt for defense and have their own field generator on them.

Zero Field Shield

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