Snake Oil


All Natural Snake Oil. Made from a special blend of herbs and extracts. Rub it where it hurts or take a swig or two to cover a little of everything. Sure to bring down the swelling, with no distinct odor or residue and leave you with a cooling effect. Also contains a powerful germicide, which is valuable in cleaning out those cuts, bumps, burns, scratches and breaks liable to cause infection.

When applied to an effected area the oil cures 1d6 points of subdual damage or 1d4 points of lethal damage. When ingested the oil will give back 5d6 points of any damage divided over a period of 1d4+1 hours. However, once damage is received the replenishment of damage ends granting no further bonuses.

Cost: 250 Crowns. One Vial can support 6 topical treatments or 2 ingestion treatments.


Snake Oil

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