Rune Cell

Power Storage Device


This is a power source that is extremely prevalent in Mercadia, but has limited uses outside the city walls. The limited nature is a result of its need to be recharged at special Source Houses, which there are only three Source Houses in existence, all three lay within the ancient city. Rune Cells were discovered scattered through out the Mercadian city while it when it was reclaimed. And while it is understood that Rune Cells are made by using a special alchemical mixture and charged through properly regulated power inputs in order for the device to store electrical energy for everyday uses, reconstructing them has been impossible. A large number of chemists and alchemists have tried their hand at reconstruction, many have lost their lives pursuing the knowledge.

Before the discovery of the large four foot sized Rune Cells, there were two other sizes. One roughly one foot long and the other about 6 inches. The larger ones usually used to power houses and larger steam creations, the smaller size used in everything from weapons to common machinery.

Rune Cells have a glass casing that contains the alchemical mixture making them somewhat fragile outside of the housing of the machines they are powering. This glass casing allows anyone to quickly determine the amount of charge the cell still contains. A fully charged cell will glow a dark green color and as the cell depletes it will slowly transition into a very pale sea green. Breaking a Rune Cell releases all of the stored energy in a dangerous unstable arch of electrical energy (in the event of breakage the DM will resolve all related rolls). There have been numerous reports of unfortunate souls meeting their ends at the hands of mishandled Rune Cells.


Rune Cell

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