Radium Solution

Burn out that Disease


The original Radium Solution, don’t settle for less when you can buy the best! Brought to you by Dr. Smelken in his wonderful line of Miracle Cures! Sure to burn the disease out of the blood in no time at all! A sure way to clean what ails you from your system like no other cure. One bottle today and you’ll start feeling better by this same time tomorrow.

Radium Solution grants Cure Disease with a 85% success rate against all but diseases containing the vile descriptor. If the cure is successful the subject will be rid of their disease in 1d4 days from ingestion of the Radium Solution. Successful or not, the consumption of Radium Solution will cause nausea the day after consumption. Taking more than one dose in one week’s time is not recommended by the Manufacturer.


Radium Solution

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