Powered War Mace

weapon (melee)

Making use of high frequency vibrations, when turned on the head of this mace becomes enveloped by a small sonic bubble. The sonic bubble grants the mace 2d8 points on non-lethal sonic damage per hit. Each successful hit burns one charge and a fully charged rune cell offers 20 charges. The user may additionally spend a second charge upon impact with the intended target causing a burst of sonic energy which pushes their opponent back 5 feet (Str Check DC 16 to resist – two charges are used up even if save is successful).

To replace a depleted rune cell takes a full three rounds. Free action to turn the device on or off. The mace does not use enough energy to deplete a charge during normal combat duration, however, if left on each hour will burn one charge. In addition the mace is not designed to be used when powered off, while it will cause 1d8 points of lethal bludgeoning damage there is a 50% chance that weapon will suffer complete failure rendering it unusable. Once this damage is incurred to the weapon is non-repairable.


Powered War Mace

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