Victor Leoros

The Immortal King of Mercadia


King Victor reclaimed the abandoned city of Mercaida after its fall becoming a living legend to the people returning, a long living legend as he failed to age any further after being crowned king of his new prize city. Over recent years he has fallen out of favor with his people as he focuses more on rebuilding his prize city and paying less attention to the needs and troubles of the surrounding cities and villages. However, in recent months he also finds himself again fighting for his city from his own son. The Jade Throne, his literal seat of power, is failing him and his life seems to be coming to an end, a secret he is trying his best to keep. His ambitious son has begun to taking steps to exert his power, not willing to wait any longer for proper succession.

King Victor confides in his right hand gnome, Amdius, who he trusts with his life. Believing the adventuring party has seen too much and on the advice of Amdius, he turned them into Royal Hands to keep them close by. Over the next few months the King attempted to use the party to his advantage and reassert his power over the city.

Victor Leoros

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