The Traveler

A Being of Legend


Sex: Unknown
(Has been sighted as both male and in rare cases female. However is usually refereed to as in male terms, “him” or “he”)
Race: Human
(Every story has him appearing as Human, but most people will point out that this was only his appearance)
Age: Unknown
(any time appearing to be between 13 & 60)
Class: Unknown
(He has been talked about as if he was a great wizard, but no one has ever confirmed his class)
Alignment: Good
In every account he is thin, with long red hair, and piercing green eyes. His clothing is always ivory colored with trim of black and red. His clothing usually bears a symbol: (Shown as Portrait Picture)


Probably the most influential person in Salus, and yet little is certain about this man that has helped so many and done so much. Every city in Salus has a story about the Traveler, some have grand tales to tell, and some are just pleased to have had him grace them with his presence. Other times he is talked about as if he were a heroic ghost, setting things right and disappearing before the dust has settled.

Common Rumors

-He knowns how to send people home to their native planes.
(This is a common rumor, most will agree that he’s the man to see if you want to get home)
-He has made his home far north in the Islands of Madness (Name subject to Change)
(These islands are known for their time paradoxes. Time exists in a non-linear form on these islands and is usually avoided by most sane people.)
-He is the avatar of a god who got trapped in Salus.
-He is really an immortal shapeshifting alien race from the future.
(This particular rumor got started from a group of drunken adventures attempting to have a philosophical conversation. While it does not have a great following there are a few that hold this to be indisputable fact.)
-He is a normal person that died many years ago and in his passing his legacy has been continued through his children and their children.

The Traveler

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