An Enigma of the Factory District


No known description.


Rimspoke is an enigma among the citizens of Mercadia. It is said that this man, woman, or thing owns most of the factory district and, what he doesn’t own, he controls vicariously. It’s been said that no-one has actually seen Rimpsoke which leads to this persons anonymity. S/He receives protection money from the factories, merchants, and has hands deep into the entire city’s slave trade business. Rimspoke uses and employ’s lizard people as his/her muscle and protection. Rumor has it that Rimspoke also owns the largest tavern and gambling arena in all of Mercadia, the Emerald Pony, but this rumor has yet to be verified.

The one true person that despises Rimspoke the most is Duke Greywater, Noble of the Second District. Rimspoke has eroded away the powers of this family over just a few short years.


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