Mint Wanderdust

Lost Immortal Kender


Mint is one of a kind, no other known of his race grace the face of Salus. Small and child like he wears a topknot upon his head, dark hair and blue eyes with silver radiating throughout. An avid collector of all sorts of things, tends to create collections of useless items.


Mint is not from this realm. He has actually “visited” a great number of realms. Mostly he has been kicked out of them.

He is a kender, out of place. Granted three wishes by a gjinn that wished to curse the world, so he gave the kender exactly what he asked for.

  1. Hoopak – Wished for a better hoopak, so he was granted one fresh from the forge of a god. God TBD. The hoopak has mind of its own and can animate in combat. Named Stick by Mint. True name is TBD
  1. Better Pockets – Wished he could fit a bit more in his pockets. Each pocket is now a bag of holding. One of the only functioning pocket dimensions in Salus.
  1. Immortality – He wished he didn’t have to die after comforting a friend in their final moments. He was granted perfect immortality. Never ages, can’t be killed regardless of even hunger. He can be hurt but little harder than normal to do so. However, he heals almost instantly.

Mint Wanderdust

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