Derek Lazarus

Former Queen's Champion


Alias: Derek Barnabus


Rough around the edges type of mountain man with a live off the land mentality. He has had to be since the day he was ordered by the last Queen of Mercadia to take her daughter; to run; and hide, fearing for her new born’s safety.

Derek has been on the run and hiding the true identity of the princess for the last ### years. Labeled a deserter and traitoe to the crown, still he has never swayed from his mission. Running all this time has made his already keen senses that much sharper.

Before ordered to protect the princess Derek was a top military office, possibly one of the greatest military minds of his day. At a young age he quickly worked his way up the ranks to be the youngest ever appointed to a royal protection command.

Most of Derek’s family members live in the small fishing village Poisson.

Derek Lazarus

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