Aluora Leoros

Rightful Heir to Mercadian Throne


AKA: Aluora Houseman
AKA: Aluora Barnabus


Aluora has spent the better part of her life fighting the very kingdom she unbeknownst was heir to. In response to the treatment of her “father” Derek Lazarus in response to leaving the military she grew to hate Mercadian Throne and what it was doing to its people. She formed the Independent Trade Cities of Houseman and to protect her work and the people that followed her, she also formed the Knights of Houseman, an order sworn to honor, loyalty and the protection of all people while working to free them from any form of oppression.

If she takes the throne she will be the first woman to sit upon the Mercadian Throne. Having learned the truth of her birth she has decided that the most good can be done upon the throne instead of fighting against it.

Aluora Leoros

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