Salus: Until The End

The Questioning

As told by Lt. Krulloc

June 16th Session. Everyone attended.

Shock filled the air when Alura told me and Capt. Grook to arrest Luna, Thane and Korrah. Grook moved quickly toward Korrah as I arrested Luna and Thane. Korrah resisted the restraints but Luna and Than cooperated fully. We marched them and the rest of the party toward the holding cells, The three each had seperate rooms. Gevalia and Balgarn was placed in a room together, they got to keep their items where we searched the three for weapons and such.

I was not in the rooms when first Grook questioned them and then Alura and Grook questioned them together. I really wish I would have heard it all, because I still am unclear exactly whats going on. But I told Alura most of what I knew. I didn’t go on about exactly what goes on with them. It is hard to know what needs to be said and what doesn’t.

Eventually Alura decide to allow us to go to the Aurora and see what is going there. She said we should inquire about it at the way station along the path just after passing through the forest. So we went on our merry way on horses to speed up the trip. About a third of the way, I stumbled on a dire bear. Not a good thing to provoke. But I wasn’t thinking as clearly as I should have. The bear tried to eat me for dinner, luckily me and the party did vanquish it.

The rest of the trip to the way station went well, but it became apparent that the clergy that was suppose to be here is not here and another group took its place. Well, you know how Thane is, he and Gevalia went upstairs before a party of humans came in and started talking to others in the dinning room. Well this new party seems to know Korrah and not in a good way. Next thing I knew, we were all shot at by those who had guns.

My first reaction is to call attention to myself to allow the others more freedom in their options. The next thing a great fog enveloped the room and we can barely see to fight. But the did seem to be going down quickly. Did we win or Lose? We will find out next time.



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