Salus: Until The End

Unstoppable Force

Quick review of the Battle with Peraid

After failing to convince the king to meet in private the party disclosed the truth of the princess. As it turns out however, the “prince” was actually Peraid in disguise. He quickly killed the king by ripping out his heart, and reveled his rouse to the party.

Thane Wyndancer’s sisters were also members of Peraid’s takeover plan. Tawni, Thane’s twin sister, tried to talk Thane out of fighting Peraid. Her humanity, unlike her younger sister and the former Prince’s was still semi in tact. An epic battle quickly erupted, one which the party going into knew they had little to no chance of winning. In the end Peraid grew tired of the of toying with them and proceeded to end the battle with a massive fire ball that engulfed the entire room.

As the flames passed over the group they did not burn. A mystical creature presented itself and transported all the party and Tawni from the room and aboard the Royal Spelljammer which with Amdius at the helm quickly making its way from the city with the princess safely aboard. However, without power the ship began to quickly descend and crash landed in the middle of the Reaching Desert. The mystical creature introduced itself as The Traveler and was willing to answer what questioned it could before leaving the party again to their fate.



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