Salus: Until The End

Off to the mountains

Players involved
Korrah, Tinkerson, Thane and Luna

Game date:
18th of Argon – 3rd of Kython
• The team decides to assist Korrah in investigating the mountains.
• Researching in the library showed that there island of the people has many dangers that have lead many of the merchant houses to ignore it.
• The group goes to purchase equipment and gear for the adventure.
• Amdius provides motor bikes for the group to travel to the fort.
• The group was attacked during one of the nights by cocatrices and Tinkerson failed to awake during the fight
• The group arrives at the mountains and could not progress further with the bikes. They hide them and continue on foot.
• The group encounters a barbarian goliath at the location of korrah’s coordinates
• The goliath offers the group tea, explaining that he recently moved into the cave.
• The goliath allows the group to explore his cave, they found a vault door. Korrah entered the code and the door opens.
• The group enters the vault and the door close behind them and gas begins venting into the vault. The group passes out.



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