Salus: Until The End

More Questions Than Answers

May 19th – Balgarn, Krulloc, Luna, and Korrah

As Told by Krulloc

We delved deeper in this underground complex. The sheer size and complex equiptment is startling. I can’t even comprehend what this was, besides some type of base. But a base for who? What caused the damage to the equiptment? It seems obvious there was fighting here, but who won, who lost, or maybe the outcome doesn’t matter?

Luna, since we got here seems to be becoming dazed at times, or even stunned. The little she does say is kinda confusing. She did say, she read her own writing? She must have been here before, but she seems not to remember. I wish I could help her, but, what can I do. I have no power to affect her mind. I just hope she doesn’t daze out when we need her. But we will see. One thing I did notice is that she loves to touch everything, I learned early in life its probably not the best thing.

I think I am starting to understand Korrah. I believe her captivity has changed her, and now since she is free, she searches for things to control her own destiny. Her desire for things that can help her make her own airship might be a way for her to feel more freedom or control of her enviroment. I can’t imagine how it was to be a slave, that is why I am who I am today, a champion for freedom.

Balgarn, I haven’t gotten to know well. He hasn’t really told his story to the party, but we really haven’t had much time to do so either. He seems devote to us and if that means we can be friends, I am all for that. I am just hoping he will find a way to forgive society for the injustice he must have suffered and then decide what he wants. His freedom in my eyes is his own doing. He could have just left right away, but he was worried about others and he still fights for what he feel is right.

As for Thane, what can I say. He looks human, but then again not. He’s very secretive and does as he pleases. At times, I feel that I might not want to turn my back to him. But then again he has been nice to me, but then he becomes flighty. Would I trust him with my life? That is a tough question. As for now, I feel it might be best to try to know where he is when he is close.

We proceed down to the next level. The main stairs end here. As far as I can tell we headed north. I kinda wish I had the sence of a dwarf where you know direction underground. Either way we end up in another room. but this one seemed fairly empty besides another one of those humming boxes. These boxes seem to be set up basically at the edges of the compound.

We had no choice but to go back to the room with the stairs. When we entered it, we heard noises to the south. Thumping sometimes and squealing sometimes. No pattern, rhyme or reason. So we went south. Another basically square room, with a few exceptions. A nice winch in the center of the room and two massive dirt piles. Also another one of those humming boxes. There also seemed to be a fairly new passage to the east, roughly cut out, maybe for a new room or maybe an escape passage or something. I was thinking, and remembering ship design, maybe we could get the wench out of here someday to be used on the airship Korrah keeps saying she wants to have made.

The noised continued and was from the new passage. Wanting to be brave for the party, I enter the passage. Brave or stupid…most of the time I am not sure which. The passage opened up some and two, all I can describe as construction machines, seemed to be working in maybe making another room. We probably should not have bother them, but when me and Luna got close to one that had drills, it attacked her. I knew she loves technological devices like me, but when it attacked Luna, I felt I had to defend her. Both constructs were easily dispatched. We probably should have tried to just put them out of commision but we kinda went overboard and completely destroyed them. We sence that feeling of great power, hairs on my legs standing up, impending doom if we explored further down this passage so we had basically one other way we can go. west from the stair case.

When we went west, we entered a large room, it had had alot of those big desks with clearish black boxes with lots ot controls. Several chairs infront of these strange boxes. Luna again was in heaven. She seemed to go from chair to chair trying to make something work. The opening to another room was more interesting to me. My concern ,as always, is the safety of the rest of the party. That would be the perfect place to ambush the party from. So I went and explored it. There were these big massive devices. Each having a big wheel near the middle of it. I could barely spin one, to me it did nothing.

So we gathered back into that room. We headed south. But one thing seemed odd. These doors seem to have no handles, just places to put a hand. I look down at my mechanical hands and realized their shape would not fit. Luna opened the first one easily by herself. The second one had two palm prints, She tried to do it by herself and it trapped her right hand. That metal plate going accross her hand had me worried and without thinking I immediately used my grip strength and tore the metal that was trapping Luna’s hand away. Thane used his hand and the last door to the south opened up.

This room seemed like it might be a room to harness power, there were six extremely large crystals. They looked alot like the power crystals that power my sword, but a size I don’t think anyone in Mercadia could imagine. It looks like only one is in operation and Luna said something like half drained. I kinda stood there in awe, if the people that created this technology could make these, what else could they make? Could someday I harness technology on this scale? So many questions, so few answers. I for one do not want Mercadia to learn of this. What would it mean to the balance of power if they learned this technology? We, the party, will have to decide what and who we share this knowledge with. The rest of the party might accept all of Mercadia’s policies, but I can’t support slavery. Oh, yeah no surprise, another one of those humming boxes.

The last direction we could head is north. We had another one of those doors, easily opened now we know the trick to them. The passage to the also had one of those ladder rooms that head up to the previous level. But we did find a rod. It had a handle on top, we easily knew that it probably would work with that big humming box on the previous level. Unfortunately I notice, again, I could not use it. Maybe these prosthetics aren’t worth it, but I easily think nah. I can do so much with them that others can’t. We all have our roles to play.

The north room had several interesting items. first there seems to me some type of energy thing inbetween two machines. There is a big pod as before but a little bigger. It also connected to another machine of some sort. There is also some other equipment that looks like its been taken apart and things missing. There also seemes to be a minture pad like the one we arrived in. What caught my eye was all the boxes and crates. We looked though them, we found two more vests, one larger than the other. I gave Balgarn the medium one and I took the large. Now the entire party had some a piece of this, different fabric material, armor.

I was drawn to one crate, a pull I didn’t understand. In it I found wrapped up in cloth a rapier. I felt it was this calling. But before i really had time to examine it well, Something happened, Luna happened. Luna with her wisdom, decided to try to disable this pod. A large whoosh sound errupted from the Pod, and instead of backing away, Luna decided to try to keep the Pod closed, it wasn’t ganna happen.

A large dark figure, with a wierd weapon rose out of the Pod. All I could sense was evil and almost terror. The Party attacked. I called it out and then I charged it and did some damage to it. Then wham. Me, Luna and anyone or anything around it was pushed back. A ball of something shot out of the weapon from the creature torwards Korrah and he easily tumbles out of its path. When me and Luna were push back, we barely were able to land standing up. Not paying attention to what the others in tha party was doing, with a sense of urgency, i knew I had to do something. I charge again, The push back help me by giving me this chance. The knight in me took over and somehow I managed to stike it with deadly accuracy, my sword going through what I assume was its head and it crumbled. I think we all sensed that we escaped with only a few scratches and bruises, basically by luck.

We managed to use the rod in the big box and it seemed to change that feeling at the edges of the complex. We also found a book. I tried to read it, but it talked about other planes and such. Something I could not understand. But it did name the creature we just fought. The Ethergaunts or Khen-Zai. If all I could make out was true, we escape with our lives. It probably could of killed all of us. I pray to Cyriss, if we fight another one of these, we can handle it. If it had minions with it, we probably could not have survivied. Or if there were two…

It does seem to me Luna gets into alot of trouble and I had to try to save her from her own devices seversl times recently. I hope this was just a fluke, I don’t know if I can save Luna from herself. But for now, I guess I need to watch her closely and maybe she needs to learn a lesson about not touching everything. But, I am not going to tell her this.



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