Salus: Until The End

Licking the Wounds of Battle

What happened after the crash.

Life is sometimes unforgiving. In the aftermath of your battle with Peraid and the mirical escape with your lives has left you with a crippled ship, no good means of transportation and very little in the way of supplies. To make matters worse the Spelljammer crashed in the almost nearly the middle of the reaching desert, an unforgiving place with a thousand unplesent ways to quickly do away with unwelcome guests. The wreckage of the Spelljammer offers a place of refuge from the harsh climate, but without a way out of the desert you’ve only delayed the apparent inevitably.

The first two passes of light is a wash of gathering supplies and the discovery that you are sorely lacking in any supplies to aid you which may help to hasten your demise. (Hand out what few supplies are found on board the ship). When Amdius took this ship, he didn’t really take into consideration the lacking resources. Thankfully, what ever gods you pray to must have been listening, because the Asherati (race within Sandstorm) found you before any hope was lost. Commucation with them has been tough, but basic needs and ideas can be portrayed with a decent enough attempt at ceraids. With their help and their near by village of Thoehan, life was a little more comfortable. However, with the presence of Than’s sister, the Asherati begin to talk of the Spelljammer as if were to haunted. Livestock and other creatures in the area around the ship begin to show up dead, and screams echo through the dark.

You all know this is not Tawni’s fault, merely a side effect of what was done to her. Through long conversations, her conversion to the creature she is now is because of her own love for the sister, Shay, she and Thane have now lost. Tawni is open and willing to answer any questions and with remorse for her actions willing tells her story.

“It was the night of our family’s murder that a nightmare for our family began, seems now that it may be far from over if it is to ever end. I arrived shortly after everything took place and found my parents dead in our hut. Searching everywhere for Thane and Shay I ended up finding Peraid instead. He was hovering over the lifeless body of my sister with a smile on his face that haunts my nightmares. That’s when she moved again, life pulled back into her, but the little girl she was became replaced with the demon you saw. My blood was the first blood her new form was to spill and laying on the ground looking up at them both I was given a choice, follow Peraid or my life was to end. He whispered lies to me, telling me how with my new life I could be with my sister, and together we would find Thane, and be a family again. By whispering ‘yes’ I doomed myself. Peraid had us prove our loyalty to him, with Thane’s face, he walked us through out the gypsy town and killed without discretion, Shay and Peraid killed without remorse. Peraid is a monster through and through. A monster, but smart, dangerously so. With nearly endless patience, like at times he could almost wait forever. Recently, however, his patience seems almost absent at times, like time is suddenly against him, and then he would go back to waiting. He knew I was only there for my sister and never trusted me, always keeping a watchful eye. But he is a mad man, talking to himself, whispering. There was one time that I tried to run away, when he found me he showed me that I had only began to see the horrors he could inflict. To prove his point he laughed while he chopped off his hand and forced me to watch a new hand mend the severed limb and grow anew. His old severed hand, he placed on a silver chain around my neck as a reminder. The smell of his evil and rot filled my nose with every breath made worse by the pain of the chain burning my own flesh. The creature I became included enhanced senses, making the experience even worse. Additionally his punishment included truth for my eyes, I was never able again to see the beauty of my sister, instead I was forced to see her for what she had become, and the monster he had always been unlike those we passed on the busy streets. Mostly, I was forced to watch myself become like him, more and more each day. He eventually let me free of that chain and his rotted flesh, but never from the visions of my choice. I could make people see me as a monster or not at all, but every mirror showed me what I was. I’m not sure what I can tell you, but I’ll do what I can, perhaps it will put me at some peace, because every time I sleep or try to close my eyes I’m plagued with the nightmares of my new life. "

When asked about how he is controlling the city she does tell a little more:

“That is one thing he did tell me a little bit about. From what I understand he is using some sort of blood magic and the fragment piece he got from your friend Tinkerson to control the Cretion Stone. He said that even incomplete the fragment still held some sway over the city with the right “motivation” and “correct application”

Getting out of the desert takes about a week’s time with the Asherati’s help. It will take another 2 months before your group is “ready” to begin again and take any kind of actions. The princess comes up with a four part plan to take back the throne and will need your help.

  1. Find out more information from the creature locked in the woods. Information came from members of The Order of Unknown Truths, a wizard’s guild.
  2. Seek out help from the warriors of the Bloodskull Clan. They will infiltrate the city and provide a distraction.
  3. Get Rimspoke to help with getting the Bloodskulls into the city.
  4. Work to get the Spelljamer flying again.

Any further information on the details she will only fill in as she need to.



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