Salus: Until The End

Into the Bunker

(May 5th - Balgarn, Krulloc, Luna, Thane, and Korrah)

My name is Balgarn, and I will be keeping this journal to record my new life outside of the tribe. It has scarcely been two days, and already I have seen things that I can hardly imagine, and so I am deeming it wise to keep record for myself. At the least, I can look back in case I need to recall any detail of importance.

Following a fight with skeletal creatures invested with giant worms (which I won’t recount, as I honestly wish to remove the memory if possible) I found myself in the company of a knight, a gnome, and a half-human. The…foundry? Workshop? I’m unfamiliar with the exact purpose. The building was saved as much as could realistically be expected, not exploding as I had feared may happen. Little would be salvageable from that ruin, however, which disappointed the gnome (who introduced herself as Luna.)

The knight (large for a human, if I were a judge on such things) was quite injured from the fight. I remained silent as the two spoke for some time, not knowing if I could trust them. After all, it was their kind that collared me in the first place. I did tend to his wounds eventually, however, calling on what blessings I could. I would be rewarded, it seemed, as when approached for a reward, they petitioned for my release.

And that is how I regained my freedom, and in so doing owed them a debt of my life. One set of chains traded for another.

With nothing else to do, I joined them at their home, intent on repaying that debt in some way. The opportunity came sooner than I had expected. Apparently my new friends had been wrapped up in some dangerous plots. A detective came by (Finshaw, his name was?) and asked them some questions. I didn’t catch the entire meaning of what was talked about, though apparently there was a murder of a woman, solely for being an annoyance. The phrasing seemed to catch the attention of my new friends, though I didn’t fully understand why. They apparently wish to investigate this, since all signs point to the current suspect, who confessed to the crime, couldn’t have actually slain the woman. The wound does not match, and the details are hazy.

Before such an investigation could take place, the new friends (not counting the knight, but including another of their circle, a man named Thane) were summoned to the castle. Influential people they must be, to have access to it so freely. I was allowed to tag along with their meeting with Amdius in his workshop, a place with all sorts of strange objects that I can not even begin to fathom their purpose. He showed us a strange…table, which summoned up an…image of the castle we were in. He could even move the perspective, closing in on where we were standing.

He also told us that the badges my friends had could be used to instantly teleport to certain locations, and handed badges to myself and the knight, Krulloc, as well. We believed that they would teleport us simply to the throne room, though when Luna and Thane used them, they were not there. As it turned out, they’d arrived in another location entirely. Despite our better judgment, Krulloc, Korrah, and I used the badges and we too were transported. A powerful lurching sensation, and then a fall.

The place we found ourselves in defies description or explanation. There are many machines all around, far beyond anything I had been exposed to, though the others seemed excited by the prospect (Luna and Krulloc especially.) It appeared to be long abandoned. Though the floor was clean (as we would later discover, cleaned by a machine. Quite embarrassing that we almost attacked the thing) there were skeletons of the long departed present through-out the building. Luna seemed…spooked, for lack of a better word, occasionally peering off into the distance at things that we could not see. Had she been here before?

Most of the rooms were empty. Large, humming machines existed in the corners of the first floor, though there was nothing hostile to be found. Merely barracks and lockers. There is something…disturbing about this place, however. I can feel it, though I think the others cannot. There is a disturbance in the spirit world here, like something terrible had happened long ago and the area was still scarred for it. And we, unfortunately, cannot leave, as the machines that brought us in will not take us back out.

The second floor contained several sealed rooms. The air is different here…stale, but also unnatural. Smells wrong. Smells like danger. Within one of the rooms we found pods, most of which were empty or only had skeletons. One had a…creature inside, with a large eyeball that peered back at us. We decided to not open it for now. More concerning was the central yard. Once plants grew here…too bad they are all dead, else the air might smell better. But instead there was a strange voice, speaking in a language we didn’t understand. Then a dragon game, a dragon of iron and steam. It was destroyed, though it left me with only more questions. Was the dragon the thing speaking? What was it guarding, as there appeared to be nothing of interest in here? We took a moment to rest after the fight. Thane has a strong spiritual presence…I may need to question him on it later.

There is apparently an electrical field surrounding this thing that we are in. Our exact location is unknown right now, but apparently underground. We can’t leave until the field is taken down. As we explored, killing an undead creature, rest his spirit, we finally found a room that had more personal significance to Luna. Apparently, she has written her own name on the floor.

Some believe we should make use of this place eventually. If we do, we’ll have to first make sense of what happened here. My friends speak of something called an Ethergaunt, whatever that is. If we intend on using this place, though, it should be cleansed of whatever is making it feel so wrong. And we need to take care of that creature in the pod.

It will be a challenge. I will remain undaunted.



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