Salus: Until The End

Getting Answers After Some Hard Times

...with more "hard time"-s in the future...

June 2nd – Balgarn, Krulloc, Luna, Korrah, and Sister Gevalia
As Told by Sister Gevalia

Who would have thought that I would end up at a jail in Mercadia? Now that I am outside, I hope to be able to use my skills again, even if it is in a different capacity than usual.

Who am I kidding, I don’t have a “usual”. And apparently with this group of adventurers it’s OK not to. First of all, there are two freed orcs: the elder, a male, who has a powerful relationship with the spirit world and the younger, a female, who is the captain of an airship, to boot? Next is a man that seems mostly made of metal and he keeps talking about replacing more of himself with the stuff. I wonder if he would still be considered human or some new race if and when he’s happy with himself. Then, there’s the very striking (both meanings) and talented gnome with a mechanical bent. And last but not least, the odd man who wears a mage’s armband and whose appearance cannot be called usual in any sense of the word, not to mention his strange affinity for humanoid cats.

It was by divine coincidence that I have fallen in with this group. And of course, once they were brought to her attention, I was given the task of documenting and researching these agents of change as well as the blessing of the Mother Superior of the Sisters of the Sphere. That is not something to sneeze at, literally, she would have you clapped in irons to see why you dishonored her blessing. The only things I have with me from my former life is a small bag of necessary items, the clothes of my order, and the symbol of my order on the medallion around my neck. The medallion that burns hotter with every hour that passes when I miss writing my report in the journal which is the twin of one our illustrious Mother Superior has in her office. It is a burden for me, but one I bare gladly now that I am back in the world as I should be.

Thus, I write my first entry to you Mother Superior.

It was of great benefit that these adventurers brought to our attention the prisoner with his mind in such an exquisite state of disarray. Since I am but recently come into your service, I hope that you are satisfied, no, more than satisfied with my performance. These adventurers have many different goals and yet they move together as one, well, most of the time.

The first time I heard this group tromping through the wards and past my cell, I mean my charge’s cell, I thought that they were a means to an end. Instead of an end, I found a beginning. My life changed when Keeper Tolkey opened the door and the mismatched adventurers entered into the prison. As ordered by your servant, Tolkey, I led (not directly, as the sphere would have it) these strangers to the murderer, Stone. Beneath his broken mind, another being controlled his heinous and unlawful actions. This mysterious and powerful being, I forget its name, seems to be worth watching which I shall do in your name, Mother.

After our meeting with you, as the Sphere would have it, we passed a former companion of several of the adventurers named Les. He was already marked by a powerful magic and you had set him aside to be cataloged and studied. They seemed very surprised and upset to see the patient in his new condition. And their prescense agitated the man as well. It was good that we did not stay long. After seeing the prisoner, I thought that they did retrieve something very tiny, but I must have been mistaken.

After that, the magic-user, called Thane, went to the Mage Tower where he intended to research the condition of the two prisoners in our care. I will try to get a copy of whatever he found, something about memories and crystals. The young female orc, Khorra, captain of their method of transportation spent time at the Library doing research on dirigibles: ship plans, steam engines, piping, heat exchangers, propellers and propeller trim, fans, material for balloons and ballast tanks, etc. Not something that interests us, I suppose. Then as you know, the spiritual orc, Balgarn and I returned to you, Mother Superior, to discuss the fate of the first prisoner. During our questioning of the man, Stone, I did promise he would not endure the second death. As we are not normally in the business of keeping promises or even making them I am most appreciative or your indulgence in the matter.

Before we began traveling again, it seems that the gnome was able to requisition a sheild from the Crown for the one called Balgarn. It amuses me to see that he got more than he bargained for when Luna presented him with a mechanical monstrosity rather than a simple metal sheild. Also something called an Arcane Field Detector ring was purchased. And finally, the human, Krulloc, puzzled over and researched more ways to mold himself even futher.

Finally, not soone enough for me, we met at the Korrah’s airship to discuss the next step. There seemed to be several goals among the adventurers and first it was suggested that they travel to Horvath where Krulloc’s order is based. But, after some persuasion they decided a more prudent move would be to see a former travleing companion who lived near the city of New Keep. (Thane seemed more interested in procuring a type of firewater called Rot Gut from a dwarf than the others’ mission.)

It seems we would have been better off to travel directly to Horvath. The “old friend” was disturbed by the news we brought and destroyed his home in a beautifully orchestrated chaos of fire and water.

We then boarded the airship with it’s crew and cargo and finally headed to port city of Horvath. After a few days of traveling, we docked and spent the night aboard the ship. Something happened that night. A strange (“Meow! Meow!”) (Where did that come from?) ritual aboard the ship performed by Thane but participated in by all the companions brought me closer to them than ever. Perhaps too close? In the morning I was nearly stepped on by the orc Korrah as she rolled off her desk where she had apparently spent the night.

Luna seemed obsessed with finding something or someone that she insisted was near the aurora. Thane seemed to have a similar obsession but a different way of finding it and a bit more wariness. They were both right. The first stop we made in Horvath was for Krulloc to meet with the head of his order, a female general named Alura. What will we find at the end of the rainbow: a new ally or a new enemy?


Krulloc with the only thought, “By arresting them at least they will not be hurt because it is a way to put them under my protect.” He reaches out with his metal hands to grab the closest of Luna, Korrah or Thane. I can feel Alura Houseman’s eyes upon me and can see Grook rush in. “How can I fix this situation? Should I even try? Yeah, they deserve justice and I need to find out what is the connection between these people? I will at least insist that the party members are able to explain themselves and Alura must explain herself also, is her actions lawful and Justice?”


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