Salus: Until The End

A Sour Taste

Addendum to May 5th’s (Not for XP)

As told by Krulloc

As we arrive in the last room on this floor I am kinda shocked at most of the rest of the party. The ugly face of greed seems to be affecting this group leaving a sour taste in my mouth. I just witnessed the people of the group me and Balgarn join basically grab up anything they got their hands on without considering anything but themselves. So my loyalty to them as of right now is fading.

I feel bad for Balgarn, not only has he only been given the equiptment that the temple gave him, after I pleeded for him to get it, the rest of the party seemed to careless that he only had a shirt on his back and no money since he was a slave. When the party found some nice vests, that I figured was little use for me so I didn’t grab one, he didn’t get one. Hmm, let me see, the only person in the group who seems to be able to heal, not given one where it seems it would protect him and even make himself move faster so he could heal every else better, something I consider very important to the survival of the group.

Then on top of that another special item is received, a gun of some what. Now maybe I could use it or maybe Balgarn could have use it, but either way one of the other people of the group took it. So let me count…hmmm 4 items, 5 members but only 3 people took stuff, not even considering the gems which the others took also.

Remember also in the temple room, the half-orc wanted to take the little bit of money in the fountains. Donations to the Gods should never be taken in my opinion. I for one would not be happy to be cursed by the Gods or whatever their revenge would be. So, for this reason, I am a little less thrilled to be with these people. They act like everything is fine, but I feel they might not be whom they seem to be.



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